Bella Polaris

An environmental scientist studdying the effects of climate change, especially in polar regions, Bella loves to sing lullabies to her penguin friends (could this lead to a warming trend)?

Shepard Shearling

A very precise accountant who spends his free time conducting. The cacophony of the forest is tempered by his natural orchestration.

Mr. Frank Pierson

Frank enjoys relaxing in his pond and reflecting upon the great existential mysteries of life, such as how to keep his water litter-free.

Dr. Billington Duckworth

Dr. Duckworth is no quack when it comes to good medicine. He and Alistair are old school chums.

Victor Wingman

Specializing in curing cases of phobophobia, the phobia of phobias, monsters lurking under the bed or hiding in the closet are no match for this bat brain.

Alistair Weasel, Esq.

Alistair is a name partner in the law firm Dewy Weasel & Howe.  The firm mainly handles animal rights cases.